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Order Form

At BHBC, we take every order serious and take special care to individually gather and package each order by hand.  Complete this pre-order form, submit, and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to arrange delivery or pick up.  

Please enter the number of packages  you would like. 

Steaks, excluding tomahawks, porterhouse, skirt and flank, are two per package.   


Individual cuts are priced per pound.  Beef sticks are priced per package. 

*To ensure your order is submitted please check a box in each category.*

Additional Cuts
Specialty Cuts
Beef Sticks


Need to get someone a gift but don't know what?  Allow us to suggest a Black Hide Beef Co. gift card!  Multiple customers have told us the gift of beef is so wonderful AND practical. 

Use the Contact Us page to order a gift card and we will mail it to the recipient for free!

Thanks for submitting!

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